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    Onda Eau de Parfum by Vero Profumo

    Hard to thoroughly be described in all its diverse facets, this pillar of the modern olfactory classicism, a sort of perfumed analogue of a Doris Lessing's romance, is colonialistic, decadent but surprisingly introspective, "cultured" and yes, futuristic with its hyper-advanced hesperidic/floral exotic/fruity irony spark. Onda is the scent of the excesses, of the opposites but at once is finally perfectly balanced as a puzzle that is recompounded after the initial chaos. Onda, namely a sour-hesperidic/uriney/gingery initial blast which, through a watery fruity-exotic and at once "old wardrobe" moth balls and honeyed/stuffy/animal-organic (with an infants skin kind of aftersmell) sort of interlude phase, turns finally out as a sophisticated woodsy (mostly vetiver, musk and cedarwood)/leathery floral with sparks of fleshy fruit (passion fruit) and iris/ylang-ylang, noticeable at distance. The dry down presents a tamed citron/naphthalene vibe and a dominant soapy/musky honey with floral exotic sparks and a leathery widespread faint feel swirling around as a ghost. Onda Edp is a deeper (but in my opinion less complex and multifaceted) version of the exotic Onda, probably a bit more "sulphureous" but finally equally exotic with a noble chord of barboun vetiver, ylang-ylang, iris, ginger, aromatic spices and passion fruit. There is a royal salty/sweet, citrony (fizzy effervescent digestive citrusy kind), soapy/fruity/honeyed dirtiness that is the Onda's landmark, something olfactory weird, pungent as the aromatic spices (a sort of aerial citric-kurcuma smell), uriney and almost chemical as the smell of an old laundry after a general disinfestation around. There is also a vintage bergamot/honey/patchouli backbone in order to bind the olfactory fatigue to a classic decadent structure. The outcome is a weird beast really challenging and hard to understand for many (sometimes many exclaim "oh, my God, you smell as an old grandma washroom with detergents, disinfectants and soap!" but in other occasions some learned noses assert that you smell about an english colonialistic romance over the British Empire's age, about a story full of passions, ballets, loves and diverse cultures' commixtures. That's worthy the trip).

    01st January, 2013 (Last Edited: 02nd January, 2013)

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