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    Bal Versailles by Jean Desprez

    I had a sample of Bal a Versailles years ago. It was the 1980's and I was in my youth. The popular fragrances of the period were Poison, Amarige, Arden's Red Door, etc. Great big florals and things of that ilk. Bal a Versailles was miles away from what all my friends were wearing. So of course I adored it. I never cared to follow trends. I like what i like. Unfortunately the sample bottle was all I could get my hands on at that time. When it was gone I sadly said good-bye to Bal a Versailles.

    Other scents soon caught my attention and I forgot my love for Bal a Versailles. Now as I like to change scents monthly I was trying to think of something new for January. I like heavy scents for winter. In the cold of the Pacific Northwest my skin dries out and a light scent won't last.

    After much searching and debating I happened across my old friend - Bal a Versailles. I remebered it's richness and sillage and also found the current reformulation is quite inexpensive. So I purchased a bottle. Now, not having smelled BaV in quite a while may be a blessing. I really only remember the barrest structure of the fragrance. But this new BaV does not disappoint me!

    The first rush is sweet honeyed fruit and flowers. Nothing bad about that. The thing I get is the sandalwood and patchouli here make a very smooth combination. I get a lot of the vanilla and the resins in the base, but absolutely no civet. So I have no idea what people who call BaV skanky are talking about. To me there is richness, lushness and pure elegance.

    Althought I can't smell the civet in BaV I think my cat can, because she has started to lick my arm where I was testing the fragrance!

    06th January, 2013

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