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    Speakeasy by Frapin

    These are the notes as listed : Rum extract, Indian davana, Sweet italian orange and Fizzy lime from Brazil, Cold russian mint and Egyptian geranium, Oriental leather accord, Ciste absolute, Labdanum absolute, Styrax essence, Turkish tobacco accord, Tobacco absolute, Liatrix absolute, Everlasting flower absolute, Tonka bean absolute and White musks

    What do you get when you combine all those notes? Hawaiian Punch at first notice. If you do not know what Hawaiian Punch is, its a fruit punch-flavored soft drink. That is not to say that this smells cheap or synthetic, but rather that it smells very strongly of a fruit concoction. The top is very much dominated by this fruit smell and while it certainly won't be for everyone, I loved every second of it.

    As it dries down, the leather and tobacco make a subtle appearance that blends very well with the remaining rum, orange, and lime. There is a nice hint of mint throughout, very faint, but it is there. While this is suppose to represent the Speakeasies that were prevalent during the Prohibition-Era, I liken this fragrance more to the wild bars of the Cuba that was frequented by many celebrities in the 50s before the revolution.

    The only downside of this fragrance is the short lived longevity that seemingly plagues the Frapin line. I only averaged 3 hours when wearing this beautiful fragrance and that can be a tough pill for many to swallow when you are looking at the price per mL. Overall though, it was not enough for me to drop this fragrance to a neutral. This is quickly becoming my favorite of the Frapin line that is right next to 1270.

    07th January, 2013

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