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    Vétiver by Christian Dior

    A very nice vetiver from Dior. It feels fairly unadorned and a bit simple, which isn't a complaint (I really believe that the best vetivers are the ones that let it do its own thing). It has a slight citrus smell upon first application, but very quickly settles into a pleasant mix of vetiver and nutmeg. It's nutty and warm and has smelled great in the winter cold. After a few hours, the nutmeg slides almost imperceptively into a mace note, reminiscent of chickory or herbal woody coffee, but the focus is on the vetiver all the way through.

    Dior's Vetiver is very well done and quite nice. It's a thumbs up all the way, but I kind of feel like it's just another great vetiver in a large field of similar great vetivers. I suppose we're quite lucky that there are so many great vetivers out there (Sycomore, Guerlain, Givenchy, MPG, etc), but it makes it hard to get THAT excited when another one comes along. I think Dior's nutty warmth will earn it it's share of much-deserved followers, but I personally tend to prefer my vetivers with more character (like Encre Noir's smoky darkness or Le Labo's raunch).

    07th January, 2013

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