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    Arso by Profumum

    I'll stretch this to a 3/4 thumbs up but that's it. The opening of Arso was a powerhouse blast of spruce/fir reminding me of my adventures along evergreen lined trout streams in northern NH and Me. It was a nice kick to the past but a different cologne in the present. The dry down remained woody and went to a sweet and sour lighter pine, some pitch/tar, incense and cedar but I have a hard time finding the leather. Perhaps that's the a sweet leather scent I smell? Yes, one could say the scent is similar to pencil shavings and I sure would not argue with that opinion.
    I like it, don't love it. Where would I wear this? Perhaps this is the deep winter scent for sitting alone in the cabin by the fire as snow falls sipping on a brandy. It has an absolute masculine scent and after dry down mellows out fairly nicely, but still a bit too piney, a scent I normally do like in moderation (Lubin Itasca).
    Perhaps this would fit well on the ski slopes along with the after ski chalet and outdoor hot tub but not in a nightclub in NY or LA.

    07th January, 2013

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