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    Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême by Chanel

    It is Chanel... Sport Extreme.. Great scent - is it worth the money...??

    Is it a fair statement that Chanel is one of the classic designers of fragrances..?? I believe so... I now own at least four Chanel fragrances - there may be one or two more in my collection - I can keep up..!! (For those who know me - know that is a lie - I am way OCD - everything is counted and logged..). The Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme is an excellent (make that fantastic) fragrance, opening with notes cedarwood, floral, and musk to finish with a powdery woodsy scent that is pleasant and easy on the nose. Great scent - nice work Chanel..!!

    The projection/sillage is above average out of the bottle, but within minutes settles to just above the skin and/or clothing. It is good, but could be better - I like people smelling the wake as I stroll through..!! The longevity is average to slightly above average, lasting about six (6) hours on the skin and/or clothing (i.e. shirt sleeve).

    While there is strong notes of "woodsy" finish, Sport Extreme offers great flexibility to be worn during any season, for any occasion, and day or night. I am a fan of this fragrance. The bottle and packaging are above average, although there is slight disappointment in the bottle - I like clear bottles where you can see the clarity of the fragrance. You can not do this with Extreme (nor can you tell how much is left in the tank..!!).

    My only big issue - and it is a big issue - is the price/value of Extreme. The going rate on Amazon is around $90.00 for a small bottle - really..?? I make decent money and can afford to drop $90.00 here and there (I might not like it, but I do occasionally), but I believer there are plenty of fragrances out there that have a great unique scent, above average projection/sillage/longevity, that will cost much less.. I have done three reviews this week and Joop Go! at $30.00 for a large bottle is way ahead of this juice (all things considered).

    My two cents on Extreme is this - 4.0 stars out of 5 stars. It is a fantastic scent, but I can't get by the price/value. If you are a collector or a Chanel fan, I definitely recommend.. Otherwise - well you know the drill... Life is full of defining moments - will the moment define you or will you define the moment..??

    12th January, 2013

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