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    Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Musc Ravageur opens with a few minutes of moderately intense anisic lavender hovering above a very soft, smooth, and creamy vanilla. Then, the lavender mellows but remains easily detectable, and the vanilla intensifies, but because it is aided by musk, it stays very smooth and creamy, all the while hanging alongside a pinch of cinnamon. Of course, this lavender-vanilla accord (like the lavender-oakmoss accord), evokes a typical fougère style and has become ubiquitous in perfumery (e.g., see Le Male, HM [from Hanae Mori], etc.). Ultimately, although the perfume is very well done (as is to be expected from this brand and the perfumer), it is largely unoriginal. Its greatest accomplishment is the exquisite smoothness and creaminess of its vanilla, which I think is largely due to the assistance of the musk. Perhaps this is why the word "Musc" appears in the name of this perfume even though the note itself is not a focal point.

    30th December, 2012 (Last Edited: 12th January, 2013)

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