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    Ca' Luna by Acqua di Biella

    “Ca Luna” is a truly excellent perfume – a ‘hidden gem’ - from the sophisticated Italian house, Acqua di Biella whose entire range is well worth trying.

    I remember first trying this treasure in the heat of one of the great cities in the world, Austin, Texas, a few years ago and marveled at how aromatic, long-lasting, and ‘old-fashioned’ it smelled as it appeared to have an almost oily edge to it, as opposed to the current trend of ‘masculines’ towards drier, bonier, synthetic presentations.
    Initially it seemed quite linear with a cedar-rich accord that made me wonder if it would further develop, though 30 minutes later revealed itself as a treasure-trove of subtle olfactory delight that demanded re-sniffing.

    Re-visiting “Ca Luna” in 2013, I am put me in mind of two late-70s landmark perfumes: firstly, as a gentler variation of the dense “Nino Cerrutti, For Men” and, secondly, the ‘fresh’ chypre structure of the unforgettable Bernard Chant gem, “Aramis Devin”. However, I believe “Ca Luna” also to share similarities with two of the greatest (aromatic fougere) perfumes ever made IMHO: Dior’s vintage “Fahrenheit” without the intense balsamic sweetness and classic Cossack-leather chord and, in a much less floral way, the unbelievable genius that was vintage “Insense” by Givenchy.

    With its strong but not over-powering projection and good silage, this is a smart, elegant perfume that behaves very reliably as a ‘go-to’ offering appropriate suitability for both work and play.

    Highly recommended.

    12th January, 2013

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