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    Opus V by Amouage

    Prologue: UK version.

    “Hello cheeky!”

    Yes, as Robert Webb quips in the new adverts, in some ways the combinations of dense earthy, civet notes in “Opus V” might be like waking up one morning and discovering one of those pesky meerkats in your bed!


    However, joking aside, as the wonderful reviews below describe, this is another bold, fascinating creation from Amouage that deserves special mention as it refrains stolidly from following any comfortable generic line, rather, for my silly old nose, “Opus V” belongs in the company of such animalic, almost bizarre, strong 'outside' creations such as Montale’s “Aoud Cuir d’Arabie”; Lutens’ vintage “Muscs Koublai Khan” and vintage “Rose Poivree” by The Different Company.

    I would have been intrigued to discover this theme with dark, citrusy top/middle notes up-front along the lines of its very distant cousins, “Derby” or vintage “Bel Ami”, but as it is “Opus V” is formidable and I love it!

    Maybe my olfactory musings above will arrive one day as, say, Opus XI?



    12th January, 2013

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