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    Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

    Wow im confused . I thought i was going to hate this . I always ignored this one till i was chating with the lady at maceys and haveing her smell every fragrence they owne . My M O .
    She directed me to this and i remember reading bad comments about this on here in few bloggs . Needless to say they were wrong in my opinion . This is a awesone sent that smelt not to great on paper then the lady was like noooo no nooo you have to put this one on . I held my arm out closed my eyes and got blasted wich is what the sprayer does its a good one let me tell ya . Ultra good sprayer on this bottle i might add . I was baffled becauss on skin it is super warm and masculent and fresh at the same time . She said women like how it smells and i can see why . It could project better yes but sometimes others can smell you better than you can . im defiantly grabing a bottle of this ide be a fool not to .

    14th January, 2013

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