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    Encre Noire by Lalique

    Encre Noire has quickly become of my favorite scents in my wardrobe. I'm pleased to make this my first official review.

    To start off, the bottle is simply beautiful. But that of course only carries it so far, the juice must back it up, and this it does. When first applied, you get a very very strong dose of vetiver. You immediately know what this scent is all about, despite the changes it goes through. It remains with that strong vetiver blast for the first hour or so, but the character stays true throughout the life of the cologne. In addition to the vetiver, I get a very very woody, smoky feel. The smoke is so intense, it could almost be mistaken as powdery to an untrained nose. This gives me a vibe of burning leaves...almost like the leaves you just picked up off the ground on a wet fall day, then attempted to burn alongside a campfire. This makes for a very intense, yet pleasing smell. Many people consider the opening of the fragrance to be a bit much, but I personally feel it is gorgeous. Crisp, sharp, yet refined and smooth.

    As Encre Noire continues to try down, it remains rather linear. Not in a bad way, but it doesn't change that much. The smokiness stays pronounced, you notice the woods, but it's get lighter and more musky. Very light musk though, and well done.

    This scent lasts me consistently around 8 hours, and projects moderately well the entire course of it's life. Yes, you can overspray this one. Start light, and build up as you feel comfortable. I disagree with the occasions and overall age grouping this one has been given as well. At 15 years old, I feel comfortable enough wearing this even to school. Two sprays draws a surprising amount of compliments. This could be worn at a black tie event, but I do think it can be pulled off in a much more casual setting as well.

    This one is a work of art. Overall, I'll give it a perfect score, 10/10. Not signature scent style, but too good to pass up. Plus, I found the 3.3oz for only $32 American. At that price, don't pass it up. I'd feel good paying at least twice as much.

    15th January, 2013

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