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    Jubilation 25 by Amouage

    First time i ever tried it , one year ago, i could not go over those, smoky-bitter top notes, that made whole composition a mess to my nose, i was lost! Could not understand why someone would make a perfume that starts like this.Whats there to love about bitter smokes:-)

    Now a year later,this is amazingly beautiful modern scent built like a classic, complex, but without any animalic note. It starts with huge frankincense-myrrhe bitter smoky note. Its not green its so grey:-)

    It has no moss at all but because of that fresh bitterness it reminds of chypre!
    I am no fan of chypre, instead of beeing green in the dry down it turns to sweety floral creamy scent, that dances on the verge of going soapy, i love that!
    If it was mossy i am sure i would not enjoy it so much , real chypre keep the distance, remind of cold north. This one is warm feminine, dry-sweet note! And feels like a surprise,you did not expect from the start. What is modern about it :allways smell fresh! Not old lady

    This is extrait, i would also expect it lasts much longer and projects much more, but surprisingly after 5 hours only it went to almost skin scent:-) my top 3 From this house!

    17th January, 2013

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