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    Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

    A home run from the house of Saint Laurent. I bought this for my BF and he went through it so fast it must've been some kind of record. Nothing like the original Kouros other than it's originality and boldness. Kouros original was the great incense/civet/ambergris of all time. Body Kouros may be the great medicinal/eucalyptus of all time. It's saving grace is that it dries down to a mellow powdery-ness retaining only a hint of the original medicinal quality. Another fantastic, striking, modern scent from YSL.
    Saint Laurent is one of the few houses that consistently releases a risky, ground-breaking, trend-setting new fragrance about every five years. Yes, they play the flanker game...but that's the game nowadays. They don't compromise on quality either. And they don't over-charge the consumer. If you can't find a fragrance you like from YSL, you just don't like fragrance. Chanel needs to take a chapter form the St. Laurent book, along with Calvin and Ralph.
    House of Saint Laurent, keep up the awesome work...and please don't change!

    17th January, 2013

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