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    Amarige by Givenchy

    One of the few, if not the only powdery-leathery florals for women. Why leathery? Because altough the floral opening is one of the main parts of the perfume and obvoius from the first encounter with this one, i noticed something appearantly surprising about the drydown- on all women, on whom i smelled this, it had a leathery undertone. Almost like a female version of the classic Givenchy male fragrances, not the post-2000 masculine creations, the restrained yet potent elegance of e.g. Monsiuer de Givenchy or Givenchy Gentleman's finnish seems to be present, at least at subliminal intensity, in Amarige too. Call me mad, but i also discovered some similar points even with the iconic representation of calssic leathery fragrances Knize Ten, especially during the very same drydown of Amarige. While all these leathery notes do not alter the femininity of this scent, they add the extra edge, persistence, vintage note, distinction and even a slight execentricity, which actually recommend this fragrance for formal and mature wear.

    31st August, 2008

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