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    Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

    When i was a boy of a very young age i used to get my father's leather cap he used to wear from the top shelf of the closet.The inside was spanned by a very smooth slik and it smelled exactly like this prada except for the terrorizing vanilla/tonka which in this prada really own the main control of the whole fragrance. And no matter how many times i got that cap and put on just to imitate my dad the insade always smelled of this ambery,slightly filthy, dark matter with a stealthy musky note and left in ruines by the time citrus notes especially bergamot. I guess the perfumer was inspired by some older fragrance that exsisted in the earlier years. You wouldnt dare to wear this prada on a hot day when the air is virtually static and the humidity is punishing. After couple of hours the vanilla/tonka takes over with not much left of that busy almost humming base of amberris and vetiver and a very tiny musc althogh the musc lingers on no matter what and boosts vanilla/tonka combo even stronger. At the end of the day i found myself being tired of that smell.It kinda deprives you of your "freedom of scent" so i cought myself being able to smell nothing but it by the end of the day.And i cant really associate this smell with any kind of occasion or style-it suites everyone but in the same time no one.It fits in every situation but in the same time you cant link any scenery to this scent in a understandable way.Although the whole idea is very pretty. Quite lively and pithy.

    20th January, 2013

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