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    Speakeasy by Frapin

    Speakeasy opens for business with a rum-laced tropical fruit punch accord and a twist of lime over an underlying soft mint. During the heart phase, powdery suede leather emerges with the powder most likely derived from the liberal use of benzoin. Mixing with the powdered leather during the dry-down are the remnants of the booze-laced fruity open, now joined late by non-animalic white musk and slightly sweet tonka bean rising from the base. Projection is minimal and longevity is average.

    The official list of notes for Speakeasy is quite long and interesting, but I confess they are either well-blended or nonexistent as I could not detect most of them. For all its laundry list of notes, Speakeasy really smells like tropical rum fruit punch over powdery soft suede. It is a relatively subtle scent on the whole that unlike fragrances like the disappointing Enchanted Forest that are much more innovative but polarizing using a similar theme, Speakeasy really is more wearable and safe. Wearable it is, but uninspired about sums up my opinion of the scent. The bottom line is Speakeasy can get people to enter its doors with an average 2.5 stars out of 5 rating, but it will have a much harder time convincing folks to continue to imbibe as there is nothing "illegal or illicit" in this club.

    21st January, 2013

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