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    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    What a disappointment. It's pretty cold out today and the weather got me into the mood to seek out a new powerhouse fragrance for my collection. I was thinking, heavyweight, deep, strong, and assertive. Based on (some of) the reviews, I bundled up and set out on foot to a neighborhood store to spray on some MKK. Seemed like a can't-miss. After all, Kublai Khan invaded countries. What guy wouldn't want to smell like a marauding invader for a few hours? So, eager with anticipation, I'm thinking, this one's gonna be good. Powerhouse, dictatorial, opulent, King Farouk - after he topped 300 pounds - that kind of thing. In any event, setting aside whatever the name of it is, I was looking forward to getting a new winter fragrance that would have a sort of density and gravitas to it.

    Well that's not how I experience this one. Instead, I get this grandmotherly, civet-laden, baby poop kind of vibe. Actually more feminine, in a nursing home kind of way, than masculine. In my view. Hey, some people actually like civet. I, apparently, don't. So I didn't make the purchase and I have to, for now, give up the idea of telling people that my cologne is named after a warrior king, which is fine, but I really wanted to like this one. It's got a great name but I really don't think it lives up to it. Maybe it should be called "Elderly Mrs. Khan"? In all fairness, I'll give it another try at some point, and give it a neutral for now.

    22nd January, 2013

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