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    Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

    The sweet Lutens are mostly problematic for me. His non-sweet ones I generally adore. Fille en Aiguilles inhabits an in-between space, and my reaction to it is likewise, somewhat ambivalent. But, as a whole, I like it, and am liking it more and more. It has a coniferous, wooded, dry candied fruit, dark homeyness I find unique and attractive.
    I'm looking for that fragrance which reminds me of the home in woods I grew up with - the wood stove smells, foods cooking in the kitchen, doing school studies by lanterns in the winter, a certain type of dark but warm ambiance. While this one is a little too christmas-candied-fruit for that memory, tipping its hat more to the holiday ambiance than day-to-day living, it still carries with it a certain complex, dark warmth that strikes a chord and appeals to me.
    It ends up being the most comforting of all the Lutens I've tried, and is complex enough to fill many associations for me. Many conifer fragrances have a more limited palette, focusing on the big conifer bang. FEA is actually fairly understated about that, and lets all the notes waft around and play with each other, each giving the other their space and place. I like that. As I said, the candied fruit really doesn't fill any memory requirements, and since I've never cared for citron in cooking, remains a non-resonating note for me. But I find the fragrance as a whole warmly dark, inviting, and complex.

    24th January, 2013

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