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    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    From a distance this does smell very close to Cool Water, but smelling it up close they are miles apart. As has been stated in other reviews, GIT is much more natural smelling and beautiful whereas Cool Water smells very synthetic. I used to love Cool Water until I had a chance to test it side by side with GIT - and I have to say that GIT ruined Cool Water for me. I can't even wear CW anymore without constantly thinking about how synthetic smelling it is. I will say though, that my wife says that she prefers Cool Water over GIT when I wear them - but I think that is just an attempt on her part to keep me from spending ten times as much for a bottle of GIT when I've already got a Costco size bottle of Cool Water!

    The bottom line is that this is a beautiful, fresh, green (reminds me of Irish Spring soap - but in a good way, not a soapy, nasty way) fragrance that is much nicer and more refined than its distant cousin Cool Water. Is it worth the extra money? I've never paid full retail for GIT, but I do feel that it is worth it to pay much more for this fragrance than you would for a cheap bottle of Cool Water.

    30th January, 2013

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