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    Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire

    Imagine you're wearing the softest, most comfortable yet extremely refined and elegant pair of violet suede moccasin: that's how I feel when wearing Cuir Ottoman!

    The lines above were written after just having sampled the fragrance.
    I still subscribe them, but after having bought a full bottle and having being able to enjoy properly the scent, Iíll add something.
    The opening is so vividly leathery that you almost feel the soft roughness in your nose. I donít know how this effect is rendered, olfactorially speaking- birch tar, animalic notesÖ but itís like your smell receptors are gently brushed by the microscopic asperities of the inner side of tanned leather. The leather notes gently give way to velvety, enveloping, almost gourmand floral notes- iris being the one I can more easily detect.
    The drydown is rich, bittersweet, faintly smoky resinous with incense and benzoin.
    The longevity of Cuir Ottoman isnít impressive, to be honest, nor its sillage: after a few hours the fragrance can be perceived only with close skin sniffing.
    Nonetheless, itís a beautiful perfume, so elegant, yet so easy to wear and definitely perfect with every weather and on every occasion.

    14th October, 2011 (Last Edited: 31st January, 2013)

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