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    Notturno by Meo Fusciuni

    I'm pleased to be the first basenoter to review this pearl full of poetry and mystery, as performed by the talented italian perfumer creator Giuseppe Imprezzabile, "artistically Meo Fusciuni". Notturno reflects the intimate Meo's universe, a context of space and time full of poetic visions, worldwide travels remembrances and adolescent reminiscences from his wonderful southern land of Sicily, with all its charge of intense natural perfumes. Notturno is fragrance of nocturnal whispers, the aroma of silence. The olfactory Sturm Und Drang is not in this case smouldering as in a brew but soft and graceful as a tepid springtime whiff in the middle of the mediterranean country while your ears are penetrated by the nocturnal melodies produced by the crickets. Layering the juice on my wrist i'm soon impressed by a deliciously fruity/spicy blast of seasoned rhum immediately dominant for at least 10-15 minutes and soon flanked by a woody/incensey characteristic mark. This olfactory introduction is absolutely amazing with its thrilling melange of flavoured alcohol, bitter hulls of citrus, aromatic herbs, resinous woody elements and vaguely medicinal ink. I just would have wished this starting blaze could be eternal. The woody vibe (by a while yet rising up) keeps on effectively to smell inky with a more than vague tarry spark in the air. I'm not sure but the multifaceted boozy initial trail is flavoured with spicy orange (cinnamon?) and ripe fruits, probably mediterranean fruits (even if sometimes i detect a sort of simil-berries nuance). Leaving apart for a while my wrist i detect some ticklish touch of incense under my nose, a soft touch destined to increase its presence with blooming up intensity in the time and along the dry down. The more the juice evolves the more the woody vibe becomes rounder and with a sort of rubbery/incensey temperament which carries out in the air delicious whispers of fruits, smoke, secret flowers, musks and woods. The final outcome is a rich but soft incensey/woody suede with different facets (woodsy/resinous, fruity, leathery, spicy and ambery). The woodiness is indeed not stark and aggressive but tamed down and rounded with the implementation of soothing elements, amber, resinous incense and leather-suede in primis. In this final phase the perfume is extremely soft and sophisticated, really balanced and comforting (i would add also in my opinion virile although the effect on a womanly skin could be equally interesting). I smell a vague olfactory association with Black Afgano Nasomatto some talk about elsewhere (because of the implementation of incense, woods, resinous elements, amber and due to the spicy fruitiness, may be also for its touch of rubber) but in my humble opinion Notturno is a different kind of experiment, far more subtle, sharp, slightly decadent and more delicately appointed (Notturno is absolutely more wearable and versatile, this fragrance is indeed poetic, nor dreadful or gothic, the poetry of cozy ambiences enlightened by aromatic candles and pervated by the mystic aroma of exotic incenses and rare spices). The juice remains on my skin soft but tenacious for hours becoming more and more elusive and enigmatic with the silent course of the starry land's time. Thumbs up.

    31st January, 2013

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