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    3# Nota Di Viaggio - Ciavuru d'Amuri by Meo Fusciuni

    An Ode to the wonderful floral note of jasmine, an indolic, fruity, green and sensual jasmine. I feel soon the impression to detect a figgy presence in the middle of the introductive citric/aqueous and fizzy blast, a sort of figgy-lacteous vibe which creates a natural link with the indolic and botanic floral note of jasmine, in order to elicit an extremely sensual and almost delightful and edible sort of attar. The lacteous figgy temperament counteracts the initial sparkling/aqueous feel, fixing down a more dense floral essence. Some faint green/musky accents enhance the general naturalness and i feel so the impression to stand in the middle of an enchanted land full of green hills, immaculate streams and floral yards. The aroma holds on its run sharper and with a well combined jasmine/fig leaves accord till the dry down which is finally less humid, more dusty and overcasted due to a minimal touch of frankincense that dries and balances the wet naturalness of the elements. Unfortunately the sillage is really faint, at least on my skin, and the juice remains shortly projecting along its breve run in the air. I suppose that the really poor lasting power depends on the extreme naturalness of the raw materials and the total lack of synthetic additives. The fragrance is more properly feminine in my opinion although could be confortably worn by men at once.

    05th February, 2013

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