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    Theorema by Fendi

    It's really true, the time makes worse everything. After the orrible new Fan di Fendi Pour Homme (2012) i was smitten by a great serendipity, the old Fendi Theorema (1998), an amazing surprise. Elegant and erotic. Creamy and bold at once (it's not so easy in my opinion). Really an interesting floral/oriental, warm, highly spicy and enveloping. You can detect a sort of spicy and balmy orange/patchouli combo with a wonderful soapy ylang-ylang-rose trail. I detect the pepper and the yummy spiciness in general (cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, may be cumin). The aroma is absolutely unisex and delightful. The patchouli is the king, an ambery and comforting spicy/patchouli surrounded by balsams, light woods and soft musks. The real secret of this fragrance? In my opinion the secret is a sort of sensual acidity (similar to the one i detect in Costume National Scent Intense) which is absolutely erotic-carnal and "sweaty" but attractive in its spicy magnetism. It's an hard to find gem which i recommend everybody to dig around if possible. I'm going to buy a bottle as i can.

    05th February, 2013 (Last Edited: 06th February, 2013)

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