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    Pétroleum by Histoires de Parfums

    Petroleum is unique. This creative masterpiece deserves all the hypes that just a fragrance destined to become a cult one is worthy to receive. I needed to wait a long time before finally testing a juice that intrigued me since when i've heard about its inception. This fragrance is conceptually futuristic but arcane in the olfactory effects, extremely modern and deeply retro at once. I would talk about a gasolinic and ozonic aoud-amber-patchouli concoction. At the first sniff i'm in a while teleported back in to an obscure ambience of my childhood, probably my old aunt's bedroom, a shadowy, stuffy, musty, vaguely polluted and claustrophobic place full of wallpapers, old wardrobes, stored furs, leatherwears, smell of naphthalene and fuggy air. I smell on my wrist a potpourri of leather, mothballs, floral deodorants, detergent, moquettes, old velvets, boot polish (i detect indeed in this phase a vague reminiscence about by Kilian Pure Oud) and aldehydic grandma colognes. The first part of the development is medicinal, citric (mostly orangy) and vaguely spicy/earthy with its well calibrated dose of petrol, gasoline and high quality aoud while in a second phase the stark aroma tames down becoming an absolutely velvety, mysterious and vintage rosey/ambery wake with musky accents. In this phase you can effectively detect some airy/ozonic/mineral presence in the blend, the touch of genius which, while enhancing utterly the mystery of amber with its salty aftertsmell, introduces a lighter salty/sweet vibe that pushes up in the air the rosey/velvety ( spelaean and metallurgical at once) trail. Arcane and modern i write and indeed the final aroma reminds me at once an old stuffy ambience of my past or my latest visit to the dentist (with the typical waiting room medicinal smell jumping to mind). All can i say is that as a lover of weird and experimental alchemies, this evocative and futuristic aroma climbed in a while the highest peaks of my olfactory liking.

    06th February, 2013

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