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    Sova by Slumberhouse

    Sova is not an easy fragrance for sure, indeed i would speak about an almost unique fragrance in the worldwide olfactory panorama. Sova is an atmosphere more than a marketed fragrance itself , the mental status of those that escaped out of the abominable megalopolis. This is an arcane smell, the scent of the obscure barns of the northern lands, of the flour mills, the aroma of the spices stores, of the farms full of antique leatherwears, dry barks, drugs, booze, haystacks, seasoned and resinous woods, conserves, heavy stuffs, hops and hay. The beginning is shocking with its dry hay and the bitter tobacco- licorice-piquant spices (cardamom, pimento, nutmeg) accord. The piquancy along the first hour recedes a bit tamed down due the implementation of hints of balsams, honey , beeswax and resins. In this phase a minimal touch of mildness (may be fruity-dry fruits-, may be spicy or boozy) starts to emerge from the abysses of the obscure barns, turning out some leather and animalic facets, probably because of the castoreum, (i detect vaguely the salty/dirty odour emerging from the haystacks in this phase, a whiff smelling about animal, cords and hay). After 5-6 hours of development finally a touch (even minimal and nor without its licorice type of bitterness) of sheer balmy mildness comes out prevalently from the honey/vanilla/cocoa/amber accord in order to express out a more appealing olfactory charm. Extremely comforting, evocative and warm but out of time and just "ambiental". An extremely sophisticated work deliberately appointed with the aim to elicit a sort of raw and "ostensibly un-sophisticated" smell for excellence. Sova is the archetype of the symbolic "anti-fragrance" appointed for the misanthropes of the forest, anti-idols and men of the far lands.

    07th February, 2013

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