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    Rume by Slumberhouse

    Rume is the Sova's naughty cousin. Both are sort of "country rustic fragrances" of the farm (i mean rustic in the effect but extremely sophisticated in the cause) and either introduce a spicy sort of vaguely bitter kind of accord but where Sova is more introverted, opaque and stressed over an hay-bitter tobacco-piquant spices accord finally tamed by barely mild balsams, Rume is sweeter, less assertive, less dry/stark, more resinous and more sweetly pungent, being centered over a bay leaves/cloves accord with a following burnt sugar dominant sticky temperament produced by the interaction between the huge amount of cloves and the resinous balsams/labdanum (roasted) chord. Where the bitter vibe in Sova is centered over a licorice accord here in Rume the ostensibly similar effect is bitter/sweet and sugary/smokey with all those honeyed cloves blended with balsams. Sova is by soon starker and drier, being all about hay, tobacco and piquant spices finally tamed down by balsams and honey but hardly sweetened and "coloured" while Rume is more aromatic and spicy in a sort of caramellous sweety way. Rume is delicious and evokes some spicy jammy cakes filled with honeyed fruits, dusty sugar and cloves/cinnamon. Another "ambiental" issue from an interesting niche brand able to conjure up in my mind far memories about a rural childhood spent in the middle of the nature in a full contact with animals, natural fruits, spicy meals, obscure barns, haystacks and workers of the land.

    08th February, 2013

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