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    Veni by Histoires de Parfums

    Today i care about the first one of the new trilogy ( of fragrances appointed to set down a reconnection with the powerful natural elements), i mean Veni, namely the reconnection with the element of earth and a new Mr. Ghislain's perspective on the commercial side of the olfactory square. Whatta surprise (and it doesn't mean necessary in a good way)! As an Histoires de Parfums's great admirer i approached this new release expecting to discover a new brilliant work of experimentalism or anyway something more than vaguely classic, obscure, "neo- vintage" or decadent while my serendipity had been about a more common talky, fresh/warm and watery amber/musk fragrance with a widespread spicy sweetness (supported by the implementation of resinous galbanum and caramel). With all the differences of course, this fragrance could be located, in the course of its talky/liquid (sweetish, aromatic, resinous, yet more than vaguely creamy/intoxicating and herbal) beginning, in the same clan with Le Male, Luna Rosa Prada for men, Bogart Pour Homme, Penhaligon's LP No. 9 For Men and could be "conceptually" standing in a second time (when the "sweet talkiness" a bit recedes and a wet, light, sweetly spicy and milky-vanillic woodiness stands out) more properly on the same stage with some common sweetish talky/woody/watery releases a la Borsalino Panama, Ferrari Black, Nomad Crabtree&Evelyn, just vaguely a la more aromatic Rocabar Hermes (just for the spicy/creamy woodiness) etc, (but in some case with a more pronounced woodiness). Frankly Veni doesn't enbody my archetype of favorite smell and i find the aroma utterly boring and already roamed hundreds of times in accordance with the current mainstream taste. Sincerely i detect a too much pronounced final sweet ambery/musky woodiness as common in many recent releases i don't crave for. My neutral rating is confered because of the great Mr. Ghislain's talent and cause the Veni's aroma offers a far less synthetic and bombastic alternative for the lovers of this olfactory theme.

    P.S: testing again the juice on my skin i notice that, in the initial-central phase of the evolution, before the sweet spicy woodiness evolves, several trails conjure me up some Japuir Homme's nuances.(Japuir is more lemony-floral, less spicy but with a commonly appointed usage of balsams and boise notes).

    08th February, 2013

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