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    Vidi by Histoires de Parfums

    Vidi, the second of the new trilogy, embodies on the olfactory sphere the reconnection with the primordial element of the air with its "water-fruity", vaguely minty (cool/aromatic) and ozonic type of ambery woodsiness. The soapy/vanillic and musky light final woodiness is the common trail with its brother Veni but in this fragrance the beginning is decidedly less sweet-intoxicating and more watery, salty, yet woody and botanic with the initial cucumber-light flowers-ozonic trails-aromatic plants accord. The effect is lighter, far less sweetly dusty/intoxicating and more "windy" with a cool and lymphatic vibe all around (funned in the air by a touch of saffron). The ozonic notes-woods (i suppose cedarwood) chord, turned out drier and dustier with hints of cardamom, produces a vaguely salty (better to talk about a sharp, pungent and dusty) woodiness. The floral notes in the meanwhile turn out in the cool air a rosey spark of sophisticated light feminity. The cyclamen in particular is absolutely soft and ethereal. In the complex Vidi is a well appointed light floral surrounded by a pleasant and gracefully romantic airiness. Really natural and pleasant even if the salty/woody background hardly satisfies my full pleasure.

    09th February, 2013

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