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    Iris 39 by Le Labo

    This is a floral effluvium ideally worn by an incredibly classy and mysterious half-age elusive french woman. Iris, yes, but also musk, civet and rooty/earthy elements in a deep, almost salty and sensual/organic effect. My first feel was in a while to be inhaling a complex, radiant, lemony and indolic floral aroma (violets in particular but also rose) over a musky bed and effectively this remarkably sophisticated fragrance arouses by soon a really classic aroma with a multifaceted floral temperament. The latter just in the dry down is exalted in its iris regal presence, an articulated, animalic and musky Iris with shadowy exotic trails (a bit Chanel N.19 and Narciso Rodriguez For Her-but in a far far more sophisticated way- and for other reasons conjuring up Diva Ungaro or K by Krizia). I detect for sure by soon the rose and the violet with some rooty vibe and sheer musky soft accents but in a few time the smell starts to evolve towards something more assertive, classic and mysterious, featuring a darker, spicier and mossier animal civet and a royal patchouli that elicits the mystic aura of some giants from the french luxurious classic perfumery. The dry down is a velvety and changeful valzer of royal, dark, earthy/rooty and subtle floral patterns swirling around a spicy patchouli backbone rooted in to a solid base of civet and musk. In particular i catch the mysticism and the almost soapy exoticism of this accord (musk-patchouli-civet a la V&A First) as surrounded by a valzer of spices and floral (iris-rich) patterns (and probably hints of aldehydes in my humble opinion) in a general exotic/indolic atmosphere (in this phase the enigmatic mysticism from fragrances as La Perla for Women or Aromatics Elixir come to mind). Frankly one of the most sensual, womanly and mysterious fragrance ever tested in my life. Stunning. Nothing to add.

    09th February, 2013

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