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    Impossible Iris by Ramon Monegal

    I decided to test this fragrance having before experimented on my skin the holy Le Labo Iris 39 (one of the most majestic Iris ever) and i have to underline the utterly floral-indolic and (barely) aqueous nature of the Monegal one, if compared with the musky/animalic and rooty/earthy Iris 39's mystic nature. I don't use to crave for such kind of minimalistic and indolic juices too much stressed over the floral path although have to recognize the more than remarkable craftsmanship in the appointment of this utterly natural and assertive floral concoction (natural but with a rather short duration on my skin-but possibly it is just ostensible). I substantially agree with the complex Drseid's previous reconstruction; Impossible Iris, before to become all about a natural Iris standing over a weak, aqueous and dry cedary bed, is anteceded by a really botanic/indolic wet ylang-ylang burst and flanked in a while by a sheer jasmine and a juicy raspberry which imprint a fruity and intensely floral vibe to the blend, before the note of iris starts to emerge in all its glory but floating over a sink of aqueous fruitiness characterizing the general ambience. The note of Iris is finally wet, vaguely peppery and cedary while Iris 39 becomes in the dry down more dark, sharp, animalic, massive and rooty/earthy. Two different takes on the main theme. A well appointed and modern humid/assertive but juicy (berries) Iris that anyway hardly gratifies my full pleasure.

    09th February, 2013

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