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    Norne by Slumberhouse

    It took me a while to fully accept Norne as a wearable fragrance. Actually I'm still not even certain I have accepted it as such. But it took no time at all to be captivated by it as something you find yourself wanting to put under your nose over and over again. Dark. Rich. Sweet. Piney. Resinous. Tarry. Smoky. Green. When I first smelled it I actually laughed out loud. It seemed almost a parady of a forest scent. Almost too contrived. Too perfect. I end up smelling like this when I start up log fires in the winter months. That's probably where my skepticism starts. Norne can seem more like an incidental scent than a composed body fragrance. An "atmospheric" some might call it. But is it a problem only of definition or is Norne's dimensionality in question?
    Some may have issues with it's longevity. To me the fact that it stays in character and proportion as it ebbs away speaks in it's favor. It seems very natural. I don't even mind that it stains. It wouldn't be right if it didn't.
    If you like this one try Profumum Arso.

    09th February, 2013

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