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    Turtle Vetiver Back by LesNez

    Definately LesNez Vetiver. Which is a good thing. After all, the chief interest in LesNez Vetiver is the vetiver itself which is distinct from anyone elses. So, in Back , as in Front before it, you're getting a vetiver that smells strongly of unadorned vetiver "oil" and has that distinctive rooty vegetal quality. That said, I have to say that Back is something of a disappointment to me. I was expecting some exciting new take I guess while preserving the core smell. In Back the vetiver seems somewhat muted compared to Front; less defined, more muddled without the addition of anything interesting. More a subtraction than an addition. If you wanted to spin positive I guess you could say Back is more subtle than Front.
    Is Back supposed to be more wearable? I dunno. I thought Front was wearable.
    And Front is more the kind of vetiver you can lose yourself in while smelling it.
    Back is still a very good vetiver in my humble opinion and might appeal more to some or even most. I like to do Back first, Front second, a kiss on the mouth goodbye and out the door.

    09th February, 2013

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