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    Léonard pour Homme (original) by Léonard

    Leonard pour Homme goes on with a dash of bergamot and cinnamon that soon couples with leather and oakmoss in the early heart of the scent. The soft suede-like leather and green oakmoss tandem takes over as the scent develops, now joined by herbal clary sage that has an almost aromatic lavender quality, spiked with perhaps a small amount of clove spice to darken the scent just a tad as its development progresses. During the late dry-down the oakmoss recedes to reveal benzoin that slightly sweetens the remnants of the leather as violet leaf adds a fine powdery sheen to the finish. Projection is above average and longevity is average to slightly above average at 8-9 hours on skin.

    The discontinued leather chypre Leonard pour Homme in its smoky brown bottle (not to be confused with the much later and completely different smelling release from the house still in production, Leonard Homme) is a great rarely heard of treasure. Unlike many of its peers of the early 80s, it does not join the powerhouse category but is rather tame by comparison. Its soft suede leather facets coupled with green oakmoss, aromatic clary sage and the slightly powdery violet leaf late are just the perfect mesh for such a distinguished scent that can be worn anywhere and anytime with pride. It is really a shame this great composition by Winnegrade does not get more attention because it really is one of the best releases of its time. While as previously mentioned Leonard pour Homme has long since been discontinued, but 100ml bottles are still relatively easy to find on the aftermarket for $50 or less which is an outright steal for a 4 star out of 5 excellent smelling fragrance of this quality. My advice is buy while you can before sellers come to their senses.

    10th February, 2013

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