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    Jeke by Slumberhouse

    Another favorite of mine from this really creative new brand set in Oregon which uses to conjure at me with its concoctions such cozy boozy/smokey recreative ambiences full of woody and leathery fornitures, some aromatic/resinous odours from the forest (resins, dry leaves, dry fruits, barks, needles etc etc) or finally arcane dusty aromas exhaling out from the obscure barns and mills and their stocks. Jeke is powerful, resinous, smokey and leathery. The first blast introduces a boisterous (burnt sugar type of) highly dirty spiciness that reminds me soon Rume but, while the latter is domined by an imperial burst of sweet cloves, in this case the spiciness is decidedly less potent and sweet while the faint mildness is mainly produced by the interaction of woody resins from forest, mossy labdanum, dry fruits and spicy tobacco. For an averagely long time the burnt sugar smokey (and initially faintly medicinal) effect holds on its work turned out precious by hints of booziness (agricole rum type) till when a dark combination of leather/patchouli takes the stage of this bold cozy concoction. The leathery touch in my opinion is minimal while i finally detect more a syrupy/sugary and almost balmy combination of resinous tobacco, spicy rum and patchouli. The crudeness some talk about (and that i detect in some of the Slumberhouse's concoctions) i suppose is a choice experimented by a nose performer having the goal to appoint such extremely carnal, syrupy/resinous and boozy juices that so are deliberately out of the schemes and not conformist (without the traditional olfactory pyramid end with utterly natural ingredients) so i can understand those that see this element as a limit. I use (but it's not a rule) to prefer the sharper concoctions from this interesting brand.

    11th February, 2013

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