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    Pear + Olive by Slumberhouse

    This fragrance is so different from the others from the same brand i know (even if the dry down exudes a minimal touch of the burnt spicy-resinous landmark effect). Pear+ Olive is by soon indolic, vaguely crude, feminine and fruity with its dominant (and frankly too much sweet) boozy cocktail of pears, olive and coconut (at least in the effect). The olive oil is the main responsible about that carnal and almost edible/culinary vibe enhanced by the boozy and fruity accord as surrounded by balsams, figgy resins, musk and some green/spicy aromatic notes. I don't smell a lot of evolution, just a sweety/yummy smell that along the minutes becomes less sweet/fat, more shadowy and with a spark of deep and almost salty/burnt (and in this case dry) fruitiness. The fragrance is more than pleasant but for a long part of the development too much greasy, edible and ripe while the dry down is in my opinion less mellow (despite the amber/vanilla presence) but anyway lacking the necessary level of sophistication produced by a well appointed play of floral notes, spices, roots or something else. A youthful and lively juice which is not fully "accomplished" to become a winner.

    11th February, 2013

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