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    Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

    Funny one this... Tried it around 4 months ago... and it was an instant scrubber...all I got was the iris note... Anyway tried and loved LIDGE at the same time and bought that.

    But after sometime I couldn't get DHI out of my head.. Tried it recently and fell head over heals in love with it. My nose must have developed? I had a sample of Equestrius by P d'Empire and I think it was this that helped me get iris notes. Needless to say a full 100ml bottle is now in my collection.

    As for how it smells... divine comes close. First I am hit by the fizzy and sparkling iris note, sure it's a bit make-upy, but in a good way, think it was this that put my off at first. Then over the next couple of hours the cocoa really makes an appearance, really warming and powdery with the iris. I also feel the vetiver blend in increasingly over the duration (this I really like also). The drydown is heavenly as others have mentioned. All in all a classic.

    Already got a load of compliments for this, which were unexpected as I though the iris was a bit daring, but it seems to have a wonderful effect on my wife... :-)

    So from scrubber to 'can't get enough', this is a bit of a love/hate frag, but once it gets you it will never let go.

    I would bathe in this if I could... A masterpiece...

    12th February, 2013

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