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    Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta is classified as a Floral Chypre, but I would describe this as a Fruity Chypre. The luxurious bottle evokes feminine leather, mirroring the juice inside. First, I will address the issue of fruity vs. floral. According to the note listing, bergamot and pink pepper contribute to the fruity aspect, but as mentioned by other reviewers, plum seems to be a noteworthy note. So, here we have fruity leather, and possibly a modern take on Mitsouko. However, if Mitsouko (pre-reformulation) is an attic-confined trunk full of dusty leather-bound books, then BV is a freshly polished library full of leather-bound books. The library is spacious, maybe a window is open, but the trunk full of books holds other strange archaic treasures waiting to be discovered. Perhaps this distinction embodies the divide between the “vintage” fragrances and contemporary compositions. In 2013, we are stuffed to the gills with stuff and gadgets, yet our pastoral sentiments point toward a “fresh” and simple ideal as we attempt to process the daily deluge of information. At the end of the day, we are simply too tired and overwhelmed to rummage through the attic. Also, 100 years ago, it was a sign of progress, and perhaps status, to leave the house smelling like the latest chemistry. Now, we associate “chemical” odors with toxicity while body odor is synonymous with poverty and ignorance; time for your huge dose of aldehydes and civet! So we long for a simple time, free of pollution and full of pastoral landscapes and “organic” gardens.

    3.5/5 Very good intentions…

    12th February, 2013

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