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    Hermèssence Vanille Galante by Hermès

    Vanille Galante is not about vanilla as the name suggests, its all about ylang. JCE managed to create a beautiful floriental that is almost a lilly soliflore. The scent is very light, transparent and refreshing at the same time, something very Ellena and reminiscent of his Un Jardin line.

    Its very linear, all I get is Ylang and a very refined vanilla base. Muscs give a slight velvety texture to the fragrance and there's a greenish aquatic vibe that I suspect could be jasmine. What also comes to my mind is orchids, not as dark as the ones you find in Tom Ford creations like Nu edp, but a white orchid, a vanilla flower. I get a similar orchid effect here as on Nu edp but without the chocolate note and incense.

    A lot of people say that this is the most feminine creation of the Hermessence line but I disagree I find it very unisex, specially if you like lily. And its also very easy to wear, cause its light and stays close to the skin, its a personal scent. I usually spray it in the interior of my shirt so I keep smelling it trough the hole day.

    The composition is so etherial that it reminds me modern aldehydic florals like Nº5 Eau Premier and Iris Poudre, not that they re similar but they share lightness and elegance, they are very bright and clean, just incredibly sophisticated. My favorite from this whole line!

    rate 4 ou of 5

    12th February, 2013

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