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    Fendi Uomo by Fendi

    I received this scent as a gift from a female friend and i must say my expectations from Fendi were a little higher. Too much leather and musk but a very narrow and uniaginnative variation on these two major themes. On the other hand slight, yet far too underdeveloped hints of spice, herb and bergamot seem to stop thfar too heavy, dark notes to become too nauseating.
    It is very long lasting, but strangely it's not an advatage, as everyone aound you can smell it, bot mostly only the too heavy notes which they all associate with rather too sweaty, too smoky, too old-fashioned male scents(and subsequently think it would only suit a macho).Worn with a dark suit, it would render almost anyone far too conservative and far older than the biological age-the unspectacular, prude combination of neutral colours seems just made for this fragrance.
    Yet the bottle is a masterpiece, if not the content, at least the outer presentation reminding of a stylish designer bottles of an Armani or Ungaro scent.
    The content..well, on can see esily that all the ingredients are high quality and even smell expensive, yet are completelyunusualy combined into something bewildering and far to unsophisticated.
    They should have conterbalanced its heavy parts with lighter, more juicy and herbal notes.

    22nd January, 2006

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