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    Anima Dulcis by Arquiste

    The absolutely well calibrated dosage of the cocoa-vanilla combination and the heady influence from the dry spices (i guess also mellow fruits) set it down as a not properly straightforward gourmand in my opinion. Too much baroquely decadent and too toned down in the oriental elements (never overly creamy for sure) to be a real gourmand. I smell more a sort of barely creamy spicy/oriental with a peppery accord of citrus (i suppose orange-bergamot)/cinnamon/chocolatey vanilla/patchouli/fruits (apricot?) which conveys us back more to the classic sumptuous and luxurious (sometimes animalic) concoctions from an old age (fragrances as Diva, Magot Etro, Arabie, Van Cleef or some dark and fruity/spicy dense chypre from the 80's or 90's) than to the modern supersonic gourmands. Anyway this is prevalently a spicy/fruity fragrance as i detect a strong orangy cinnamon, a peppery chili presence and hints of balsams with a sort of intense floral/burnt spicy/ripe fruity (simil apricot)/bitter chocolate undertone. Mysterious and and more than vaguely baroque.

    13th February, 2013

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