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    Terre de L'Encens by Cloon Keen Atelier

    Pleased to deepen the knowledge of this dodgy interesting irish niche brand due to my friend Foustie so kind to introduce me in a new olfactory acquaintance. Terre de l'Encense is (at least for a part of its development) an utterly transparent and effectively mineral take on the iris-frankincense accord. At the beginning the dustiness is supremely sharp, floral, vaguely citric/ozonic and aromatic. The outcome is a really wearable shadowy experience which smells slightly incensey in a sort of aqueous, peppery and vaguely dusty floral way. Some mineral/ozonic molecules turn initially out the light incense so mineral and almost refreshing. The note of iris (which i suppose is in here flanked by a light jasmine) reminds me barely the light floral note present in Eau d'Iris by Heeley because of the cedary/aqueous similar floral undertone with a vague reminiscence about far in the memory fragrances as Trophee Lancome For Men and Nino Cerruti (that are absolutely not minimalistic like this one) which replace the incense with a mossy/resinous and cedary labdanum and the iris with the jasmine. Following the full development on my skin i notice that finally the juice becomes less "invisible" and slightly more smooth/resinous because of minimal hints of ambergris and despite its undeniable mineral (sweet/salty) lightness with the "colours" of the iris/jasmine and the peppery frankincense. Lost its royal initial sharpness and disclosed as a bit more smooth/sweet stuff, the juice loses its initial full pleasure inside of me despite its remarkable quality. Close to the skin and a bit faint in duration. Sharply comforting, clean and elegant, yet out of the sensationalisms.

    14th February, 2013 (Last Edited: 15th February, 2013)

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