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    Lumière Noire pour Homme by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Lumiere Noire is one of those few fragrances that will take you to heaven at first whiff, believe me when I say that incredible isn't enough especially with the rose in here, what a fantastic scent, what an unbelievable perfume.

    The notes are blended perfectly and the rose takes center stage to make this fragrance one of the most romantic fragrances I've come across. You can smell the wonderful spices from the cinnamon and caraway on the back giving depth and edge to the rose while the patch is giving strength and backbone to the fragrance but, the most interesting note is the artemisia which could do it for you or could break the deal for you, it gives the fragrance a creamy “repellent” vibe if you look for it but you might as well don't bother, cause you WILL adore this fragrance.

    The only thing I keep thinking is that this would be unbelievable if it was a little bit richer and with more body to it so I'm really hoping that Francis Kurkdjian decides to release an EdP for Lumiere Pour Homme, the Toilette works well (in fact it may be one the very best EdT out there along with Chanel's Les Exclusifs), but the EdP would be mind blowing.

    Lumiere Noire is the aroma of the streets of Paris, the city of love and lights, the aroma of a gentleman waiting to find love, this fragrance screams passion, screams love story. There are several fragrances on the market that try to be sexy, this one is and probably the best at it.

    15th February, 2013

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