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    Tom Ford Noir by Tom Ford

    Noir is not hard to describe, as soon as you take a whiff you will be remained of several fragrances that walk the same alley, the powdery, mysterious, dark evening/date scent.

    As soon as you spray it you'll be able to pick up every note from top to base, just as if a train crashed and all the notes ended up splattered in the same mirror, so yes, this feels like an accident rather than a well thought of scent, if you're expecting a well done pyramid with an impressive development you are in for disappointment, but, if you are looking for a single stage scent, something that doesn't turn around from beautiful opening to disgusting base, basically a what you see is what you get then Noir delivers and it delivers very good. Having all the notes in one stage brings depth to the fragrance instead of having very thin layers of notes that fade away in no time. There is a little bit of every note in Noir, there is civet, but no Leather Oud civet, there is Iris, but no Dior Homme iris, there is vanilla but no Spiritueuse vanilla and so on. Noir is safe, a good quality safe fragrance and there is nothing wrong with that, this can easily be a signature scent and it's very easy to enjoy.

    To me this seats in between TF for Men and Grey Vetiver and i'm ok with that, let's face it... with the things that are being released these days, it could've been much worse.

    15th February, 2013

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