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    1000 by Jean Patou

    *This is a review of the vintage edt.

    1000 edt (vintage) opens with a boozy banana-like accord spiked with just a bit of orange citrus. In the early heart phase beginning only five minutes or so later the citrus disappears, but the banana-like fruit remains in a weakened state sans booze, now joined by very strong powdery iris that takes on the primary staring role through the entire heart phase. Supporting the iris and fruity accord is a persistent rose and jasmine floral tandem that join subdued oakmoss rising from the base, underpinning the overall accord. The fruity accord finally disappears in the late dry-down as a relatively dry sandalwood and amber tandem join the now fading iris and animalic musk to send off the scent. Projection is above average and longevity is very good at about 9-11 hours on skin.

    1000 edt (vintage) is a very complex scent. The extremely strong boozy banana open reminds me very much of the same kind of accord in Ocean Rain by Mario Valentino, but unlike that one where it remains nearly throughout as the real star, in 1000 edt (vintage) the booze gives way rather quickly to the starring powdery iris that really drives the scent's development thereon out. There are so many ingredients in 1000 edt (vintage) that the paragraph above of the scent's development is really just a "survey" and far from the complete picture. It has a somewhat intentional uncomfortable feel that comes off as cold while still being quite skillfully crafted. I like 1000 edt (vintage), but the powdery iris that stars through most of its development is just a bit off-putting for my tastes. That said, the fragrance is definitely unisex and anyone can and should feel confident wearing it... Confident yes, but comfortable? That is the real question, as Kerleo leaves the wearer just a bit uncomfortable from start to finish without going too far. Great art for sure, but I think I'll stick to other creations for my Jean Kerleo fix, so to speak. The classic 1000 edt (vintage) gets a very good to excellent 3.5 to 4 star rating out of 5 and is recommended in particular to collectors.

    17th February, 2013

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