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    Santal 33 by Le Labo

    Another unexpected development for a Le Labo concoction and have to say that the surprise was notable for me. This is above all an intoxicating, than powdery and finally silky fragrance in my vocabulary, a sort of prickly amber-saffron-dusty papyrus-talky violet-powdery woods (sandalwood and cedarwood) concoction conjuring me at the beginning some more sweety fragrances as Le Male (more watery, musky, soapy and bombastic) and Escada Magnetism for Men (which with Santal 33 shares amber, leather, pepper, sandalwood, cedarwood and other elements) but in a far more natural way (despite an obscure touch of medicinal here at the beginning of the trip). The general powder is velvety, silky, vaguely shadowy and with nuances of musk, nuts, smooth iris, violets, paper, figs (i effectively detect a sort of almost acid smell of figgy resins) and suede. There is ergo something almost tropical in the blend, a sort of figgy, gingery, aromatic, grassy, "seaweeds type" and milky (lymphatic milk i mean) resinous touch conjuring in a while (becoming the smell progressively more elusive) juices a la Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme, Battistoni Marte Arte or Costume National Homme (but in a dustier way). Anyway, effectively the main aroma of the powder is a molecular sandalwood surrounded by dozens of swirling nuances some of which are woody, some spicy, others ambery, edible, soapy, floral and botanic. Really enveloping ambery/figgy chypre concretely modern and youthful, in my opinion possibly appealing to the younger crowd.

    17th February, 2013 (Last Edited: 18th February, 2013)

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