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    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    I don't really know how to feel about this. I love Voyage d'Hermès ... a lot really, and i smell it before i got my hands on Terre. I think both smell very close in a way, but to me Voyage is more refined and balanced.

    To me personally Terre smells like sundry orange peels, that are stored in a box of makeup with old oranges . Very strong and woody and at one point it almost have an "after shave" kind of a vibe to me as it develops. I like the head notes though.

    The notes that are similar to Voyage is what makes me not hate Terre, but i don't really get the dry and wood kind of vibe that it has and i am a woody and vetiver guy. Towards the end of the perfume, it leaves a very synthetic almost metallic like smell that i hate on my skin (reminds me of YSL L'Homme in that), it becomes rather soapy with time as well.

    I can understand why people love it so much, it isn't a complex perfume, it's "easy" to wear and has a strong masculine unique smell (without being very overpowering) which can be a turn off for younger folks and a major turn on for people that want to smell smart. It is to me a very versatile fragrance for all year around, even though summer isn't really Terre place.

    A major advice, try it on your skin not on paper. This might sound cliché, but Terre really smell completely different on your skin.

    Overall Terre isn't for me, i would wear it of course, but i don't love it. I will buy it on a sale or other kind of promotion sale for my collection. Terre or Voyage? Voyage without any question.

    18th February, 2013

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