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    Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

    I bought this hoping for a Flowerbomb for men. Now, how that can be possible, I do not know, but impossibility aside, this sort of fits the bill. It is ultimately a big sweet androgynous puff that contains enough leather to keep it from becoming too feminine, but enough bubblegum (for lack of a better word) to keep it from becoming too masculine. Wish I could smell more of the vetiver. The opening is strong, slightly on the acrid side. I do get the grapefruit and bergamot. I get it. A lot. It takes about an hour to mellow into a more compelling sweet and rich cloud of leathery tobacco that is fairly stable through dry down, and which somehow is very close to (and not merely reminiscent of) the smell of Nag Champa burning outside on a breezy day (i.e., that incense without a lot of smoke). That said, this imparts virtually nothing of a head shop smell. I donít get as much of the cinnamon/Christmas vibe that others have mentioned, but the pepper--the ďspiceĒ--is a nice, subtle presence throughout. I do agree with others that sillage, lasting power, and projection are strong.

    Yes, it is sweet. Iíve considered that Spicebomb may be best pulled off by dudes who look like the models in the fragís advertisements: chiseled manly men possessing enough outward masculinity that the scent acts almost as a cipher, or an intriguing contradiction. If, like me, you donít resemble the V&R models, consider pairing the scent with somewhat formal dress, for similar reasons. Alternatively, pair it with whatever you like, and comfortably bask in the gorgeous dry down. Initially I wasnít as taken by Spicebomb as Iíd hoped to be, but about two weeks into my samples, have found it to be a grower that I enjoy quite a bit, and which I suspect will continue to grow on me.

    20th February, 2013

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