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    Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal

    A good fragrance with a lot of personality, basically centered over an almost aqueous (somehow transparent, at least at the beginning) agarwood/vetiver accord with hints of dustiness (may be a touch of incense and probably ambergris) and a musky final just adumbrated smoothness. The concoction which mostly conjures me this olfactory work is Wonderwood CdG, with its easily approachable watery woodiness but also Encre Noir comes to mind and in my opinion the vetiver is a really notable and standout presence in here. The initial combination between liquid agarwood, leather and sweet spices reports me ostensibly in a while on the mind a sort of blackberries aroma which in a while morphs towards its real woody/vetiver connotation. Also Dark Aoud Montale comes to mind, expecially after the first blast but the latter is far more stark, dry and dusty/occult with its less approachable and far less sweet status. The dry down becomes surprisingly less aqueous, less vetiver centered, more woody, more mysteriously fruity and vaguely more soft (as well as some balsams were soothing the accords) with a finally more pronounced spicy sweetness (a sweet/spicy woodiness). A more than decent experiment which does not frankly embodies my cup of tea but that is worthy a try for the lovers of these masculine properly woody fragrances.

    21st February, 2013

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