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    Le Roy Soleil Homme by Salvador Dali

    Opulence in a bottle. One male scent different from the frequent leathery-citrus recipe, it includes notes wich seem more appealing to the taste rather than to the smell. Floral and fruity notes, subtle sweetness almost up to the point of being feminine yet remaining masculine down the line. After these lightful, solar notes folllws a hint of Orient and spice, something like vanilla without being vanilla, however a very soft, very subtle version of the otherwise mostly heavy notes of Orient and vanilla-centered spice. The name matches the scent perfectly, as this one exhales luxury, giving the sensation of ending up at an elaborate formal gathering in the palace of Versailles during the time of The Sun King at the peak of his absolute power and brilliance. This extravagant masterpiece is certainly the center of attraction at very elaborate social calls if combined with evening/romantic/vintage wear.
    Vibrant fruity and solar fragrance not dissimilar to some lush, sweet-spicy creations by Hugo Boss like Bottled and Baldessarini( both exhaling refined touches of exotic fruits, vanilla, tonka and bitter-sweet spices).

    19th February, 2006

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