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    A*Men Pure Havane by Thierry Mugler

    At one time I was immensely blown away by this fragrance, I'd say for the first 4 wearings. A beautiful slightly gourmandy cigar scent with smooth vanilla and patchouli undertones. Really, you haven't smelled this? You don't own even a sample? You should. Now after coming back to this many months later (as my steady rotation is about 200 fragrances deep....completely self-indulgent I know, as I'm not even sure such a large number would qualify as a rotation) I realize it suffers a bit from the monster longevity and sillage I've grown so accustomed to with the A*Men line. Yes the nose does become better and more nuanced over time.

    Of course Pure Shot and Pure Coffee have the same issues in their own right, but the original A*Men, Pure Malt, Taste of Fragrance, and Cuir are so outstanding, you just come to expect such things. Having said this, the longevity and sillage is still above par, but could have been another 5 star. As such, I relegate this to the summer only and give it a solid 4 stars. Still brilliant work and one I will always own.

    23rd February, 2013

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